7. Cognitive-Communication Deficits

Penny Welch-West (M.CI.Sc. SLP), Connie Ferri (MSc. SLP), Leanne Togher PhD, Shannon Janzen MSc, Brooke Benton BSc RDH, Joshua Wiener BSc, Robert Teasell MD, FRCPC      

The module has recently undergone a significant change. The primary purpose of  is to now review the evidence concerning cognitive-communication disorders and their treatments post moderate to severe ABI. Due to the vast number of changes in treatment approaches and concepts over the past 30 years, (e.g., the advancement of computerized software and hardware), a decision was made to focus on treatments and therapies developed over the past 20 years. We have therefore, included all RCTS and non-RCTS (prospective control and cohort studies) published between 1992 and 2017. All other inclusion criteria have remained the same.    


Updated September 2018    


Contact Information: ERABI; Parkwood Institute; 550 Wellington RD, London ON; 519-685-4292 x 44559

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