5.3 Diplopia Post ABI

Case Study (continued)

The patient suffered an orbital fracture. While on rehabilitation he tells staff he is experiencing “double vision” which is diagnosed as diplopia.

What are the possible causes of diplopia?

Post ABI the most common causes of diplopia are:

  1. Physical trauma to the muscles of the eye;
  2. Damage to the peripheral nerves controlling the muscles of the eye;
  3. Cerebral contusion/intracranial hemorrhaging.

List the treatments that might be used for patients experiencing diplopia post ABI.

For patients experiencing diplopia the following treatments may be recommended:

  1. Vision exercises,
  2. Fixation Exercises,
  3. Pencil push ups,
  4. Visual gymnastics,
  5. Prisms

Exercises generally last 10 minutes and are usually conducted every other day.