Problem List

Case Study

A 48 year old male fell down a flight of stairs.  Upon admission to hospital his blood alcohol level was found to be .23 and his GCS was 9, but when reassessed the next morning he GCS was found to be 11.  Patient had a significant weight issue (50lbs over weight).  At the time of his admission to rehab the patient was aggressive (both verbally and physically) with staff, family members and other patients.  He kept insisting he be allowed to “go out for a smoke/toke”.  He was an RLA-IV.  CT scan reveals there was damage to the frontal lobe and the patient has frontal lobe syndrome.  He has been stealing food to help him deal with the “munchies”.

Provide a problem list of ABI-related problems for this patient. 

  1. RLA-VI
  2. Aggressive (verbally and physically)
  3. Cognitive frustrations
  4. Emotional instability (irritability and aggression)
  5. Personality changes
  6. Decrease in judgment
  7. Increased impulsivity
  8. Frontal lobe syndrome