Problem List

52 year old female smoker has sustained an acquired brain injury resulting from an aneurysm (AVM). Upon arrival at hospital her GCS was 11. Once in rehabilitation the patient was found to be apathetic, she was not presenting with any behavioural problems. A CT scan at the time of injury revealed damage from the injury was contained in the frontal lobe. This was later confirmed by a follow-up MRI. Patient has little to no insight. Patient appears to be depressed and is not responding to her family when they come to visit. The patient is also menopausal.

Provide a problem list.

1.    Inability to plan

2.    Loss of the ability to solve problems

3.    Impaired concentration

4.    Reduced fluency of speech

5.    Apathy

6.    Inattentiveness

7.    Delayed responses to questions

8.    Lack of inhibition

9.    Displays of socially inappropriate behaviour.