5.3 Incidence and Natural History of Dysphagia Post ABI

What is the incidence of dysphagia post ABI?

1.    Incidence of dyphagia entering rehabilitation post-ABI ranges from 42-65%.

The reported incidence of dysphagia in the brain-injured population varies considerably, due in part to differences in the timing and method of assessment and the initial level of severity. Among patients admitted to a rehabilitation facility Mackay et al. 4estimated the incidence of dysphagia ranged from 25-42%, which is similar to Cherney and Halper 5who reported the incidence of swallowing disorders in an acute rehabilitation setting between 27% to 42%. Among patients 12 to 45 years, Field and Weiss 3reported a 30% incidence of dysphagia in patients with head injuries admitted to a rehabilitation facility.  Ward and Morgan 6have noted that studies reporting on dysphagia frequency in TBI patients in rehabilitation settings vary from 25-78%; the most recent studies report an incidence of 42-65%.