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Falcao de Arruda and Aguilar-Nascimento (2004)


Population: TBI; Treatment Group (n=10): Mean Age=27yr; Gender: Male=10, Female=0; Mean GCS Score=7. Control Group (n=10): Mean Age=26yr; Gender: Male=9, Female=1; Mean GCS Score=7.
Treatment: Patients were randomized to receive either the standard diet (control) or the glutamine- and probiotics-enhanced diet (treatment group).
Outcome Measure: Incidence of infection, length of stay in Intensive care unit, ventilation days.

  1. Infection rate was higher in the control than in the treatment group (p=0.03). 
  2. Length of stay (p<0.01), as well as the number of days on ventilation (p=0.04), was significantly higher in the control group compared to the treatment group.

PEDro = Physiotherapy Evidence Database rating scale score (Moseley et al., 2002).