Early Gastrostomy

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Kostadima et al. (2005)


Population: Stroke=25, Head Injury=16; Mean Ag=47.3yr; Gender: Male=32, Female= 9.
Treatment: Ventilator dependant patients received either a gastrostomy or Nasogastric tube for enteral feeding. Tubes were inserted within 24 hours of intubation. Patients were followed for 3wk.
Outcome Measure: Pneumonia rates, length of stay (LOS) in intensive care unit, ventilation days, mortality.

  1. At the end of weeks 2 and 3 the cumulative incidence of pneumonia was significantly higher in the nasogastric, compared to the gastrostomy group (p<0.05).
  2. At the end of the first week the incidence of pneumonia was higher in the gastrostomy group although the result was not statistically significant.
  3. No significant difference between groups in LOS, ventilation days, or mortality rates were found.

PEDro = Physiotherapy Evidence Database rating scale score (Moseley et al., 2002).