Citicoline to Enhance Cognitive-Communication Skills

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Zafonte et al. (2012)

Population: TBI; Age Range=18-70yr; Gender: Male=903, Female=310; Severity: Moderate/Severe=406, Complicated Mild=807.
Treatment: Patients received either citicoline (n=607; 2000mg/d) or a placebo (n=606) via enteral route, initiated within 24h of injury. This continued for 90d.
Outcome Measure: TBI-Clinical Trials Network Core Battery: Trials Making Tests A&B, Glasgow Outcome Scale-Extended (GOS-E), Controlled Oral Word Associated Test, California Verbal Learning Test II, Processing Speed Index, Digit Span, Stroop Test.

  1. At the 90 d evaluation, no differences were found between the two groups on the TBI-Clinical Trials Network Core Battery (global OR, 0.98; 95% Ci, 0.38-1.15).
  2. Rates of favourable improvement were 35.4% and 35.6% on the GOS-E for the treatment and control group, respectively.
  3. Results from the remaining test also showed similar levels of improvement between the groups, with rates of improvement in the treatment group ranging from 37.3% to 86.5% and the control from 42.7% to 84.0%.

PEDro=Physiotherapy Evidence Database rating scale score (Moseley et al. 2002).