Effect of Sertraline on Cognitive Functioning Post ABI.

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Banos et al. (2010)


Population: TBI. Treatment group (n=49): Gender: Male=39, Female=10; Mean Age=35.3yr; Mean Time Post Injury=21.5d; Mean GCS=5.8. Placebo group (n=50): Gender: Male=33, Female=17; Mean Age=34.5yr; Mean Time Post Injury=19.2d; Mean GCS=5.8.
Treatment: Participants were randomized to either the treatment group which took sertraline daily (50mg) or placebo. Patients were assessed at 3, 6 and 12 months.
Outcome Measure: Wechsler Memory Index (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale III), Symbol-Digit Modalities Test, Logical Memory, Trial Making Test and 64-item Wisconsin Card Sorting Test.

  1. More subjects in the treatment group dropped out at each time point.
  2. Those in the placebo groups at the 6th and 12th month assessment period were older than the control group and had higher GCS.
  3. Overall, there were no significant differences between the two groups on any of the cognitive measures.


PEDro = Physiotherapy Evidence Database rating scale score (Moseley et al. 2002).